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Victoria Vann Interviews Sammy Hagar

"In The Drink" Preview

BIN Editors' Award of Excellence 
BIN Magazine recognizes spirit brands that are unique and of the highest quality with our Editors' Choice Award. BIN's Award of Excellence is the hallmark of a great product and signifies a brand that is the best of the best in its category. Awards are presented to selected brands throughout the year.


In The Drink TV is Hosted by Victoria Vann, Editor-in-Chief, BIN Magazine

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Beverage Industry News (BIN) is California's most comprehensive trade magazine for the wine, spirits and beer industry. Since 1934, Beverage Industry News has provided California's Beverage Industry with beverage insight and pertinent information needed to conduct business more efficiently. Packed with 300+ pages of lucid and informative news, category features, new products, distributor brand indexes and industry contacts, BIN Magazine is a must for all those who seek information in California's highly competitive beverage marketplace.

Cheech Marin Introduces

Tres Papalote Mezcal in

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The "In The Drink" series presents viewers with an all-access pass to explore the wine, beer & spirits industry. The exclusive In The Drink web series also showcases, the art of mixology, drinking destinations, special events and celebrity owned brands. The premiere webisode includes a backstage pass with Sammy Hagar and his new Sammy's Beach Bar Rum, A visit with Master Mixologist Mariana Mercer of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and a trip up the California coast to visit the award winning Ventura Limoncello Distillery.  The "In The Drink" series is hosted by Victoria Vann, Editor-in-Chief of BIN Magazine.  

​Beverage Industry News (BIN) is staffed with true beverage professionals that provide smart and entertaining web series about a wide variety of beverage-related topics and events. The range of content mirrors our online and printed publications, and demonstrates the power and uniqueness of our worldwide beverage industry,” said Michael J. Chu, President, Beverage Industry News. “We’re especially proud that our digital platform has been very successful and is changing the way content is created, distributed, consumed and shared."