Setting the New Standard for Beer, Wine & Spirits Evaluation 

Liquor Rank is a spirit evaluation and brand marketing service that presents clients with cost-effective marketing solutions that are vital to the success of your brand in today's beverage marketplace.  Created specifically for beer, wine & spirits marketers, Liquor Rank provides a fair unbiased evaluation by blind-tasting your product and then presenting a Beverage Industry News, (BIN) Liquor Rank rating score of 80-100 points based on the quality and value of each submission.  Once your score with Liquor Rank has been established, we then showcase your product to a targeted network of 38,000 key industry buyers, national distributors and beverage trade press via our print and digital media platforms. 

Liquor Rank brand evaluation is offered at a nominal one time fee of only $300.00 for each product submitted.   

Liquor Rank also provides a multitude of cost effective brand building services that benefit suppliers and brand marketers in a significant way.  For spirit suppliers with limited financial resources, Liquor Rank offers additional brand building services to create content, marketing and social media elements for your brand at a fraction of the cost of many agencies and marketing companies.  Liquor Rank's marketing elements can be created for advertising, sell sheets, case cards, websites, e-blasts or strategic social media marketing.  Essentially, smaller suppliers can now afford marketing and promotional services similar to those used by larger suppliers that were more often too expensive, or simply out of reach. 


• By submitting your brand to Liquor Rank, you'll receive an honest evaluation from our team of experienced professionals that specifically focus on your product, and your product alone. 

• Each product is reviewed under ideal tasting conditions by a panel of experts that include: retail buyers, mixologists, journalists, industry professionals and spirit educators.  Each product submitted is evaluated and ranked in blind tastings ensuring your rating is bias free.

• Ranking results provided within 30-45 days.

• Participating brands scoring 80-100 points are showcased directly to 38,000 industry buyers, distributors and industry press, via BIN Magazine’s, print and digital marketing platforms.

• BIN’s Liquor Rank logo is recognized throughout the U.S. Beverage trade industry by both retail buyers, national distributors and industry press as a sign of a top-quality product.   

• Brand marketers will be able to use license-free downloadable Liquor Rank's logo and rating certificates for their marketing materials at no additional cost.  

• Cost-effective brand exposure for suppliers of all sizes seeking to gain traction in the marketplace.

• Opportunities to speak with our team of experts, who have worked with thousands of products, along with the added benefit of being available to consult on a one-on-one basis with you about your brand, needs and goals. 

About BIN Magazine
Since 1934, Beverage Industry News has provided the U.S. Beverage Industry with beverage insight and pertinent information needed to conduct business more efficiently and is one of the most respected publications in the country.  As the premier beverage trade journal in the country, our unique platform via print and digital technology enables us to market, educate and showcase products more than ever before.  Moreover, our network of national publications, staff writers and expert contributors enables BIN Magazine to meet the diverse and demanding needs of our print and online audience.





LIQUOR RANK is based on a 20 point scale, set from 80-100.  Products are evaluated on their merits;  taste, texture, color, aroma, mixability and price.     

World Class  98 - 100  

Exceptional  94 - 97  

Superb 90 - 93  

Excellent 86 - 89  

Recommended 83 - 85  

Good 80 - 82 

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